Read this first!

Yleistä tietoa foorumista, sekä linkkejä ja artikkeleita hypospadiasta ja epispadiasta
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Read this first!

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You ended up here most likely because you are searching for informatin about hypospadias or epispadias.

This message board is mainly for people who speak finnish and relate to HS/ES in some way. However, we do want to communicate with any people who share our interest too. Therefore, and english section has been added to this message board. You must register to be able to see the full contents of the board (mainly to keep the spammers and lurkers away). Each registration will be handled by admin, and you will receive an email notification once your registration has been approved. Please allow somewhere around 24 hours for your registration to be completed, the admins are a small bunch and not always next to their computers.

After registering, you can take part in the discussion in the 'English corner' in your own language.

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